David Opeyemi, President/Founder


In 2013 David established Throne Focus Inc., while studying at the University of Manitoba. A dynamic, multitalented, and energetic individual, David derives great passion in seeing people and organization succeed. Mr. David believes in changing the world through discovering and investing in people and organization. His goal is to help clients achieve their goals. David brings more than 10 years of international experience in three industries.


Education: Driven by a strong desire to end poverty and employing education as a tool for emancipation, David worked as a teacher in pre-school, junior, and high school, and as a researcher in post-secondary institutions within and outside Canada.


Information & Telecommunications: Driven by a strong desire for knowledge and innovation, David pursued IT trainings and obtained different certifications in Microsoft Office application, SQL Server 2003, and Hardware Repair. 



  • Research
  • Publishing 
  • Teaching
  • Writing 
  • Human Resource
  • PC/Internet Technology Installation/Repairs

The combination of these trainings offers David unique opportunities to work with different IT companies specializing in Training, Hardware, Repairs, Programming, Networking, Internet Technologies, and Administration within and outside Canada.

Customer Service/Technical Support: Having worked in a leading network and content experience company in Canada, David has garnered over four years experience in digital phone, cable system, internet, and computer support. The combinations of David’s vast experiences are valuable assets to the expansion of Throne Focus Inc cutting edge services and products in an emerging global market.


David holds a Master of Education in Educational Administration from the University of Manitoba. Although David is known for hard work and excellence, he still spends most of his time with his wonderful family, writing inspirational and spiritual growth books, teaching the Word of God, and researching emerging issues.