Bread of Life Mission


Inspired by John6:35, "And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst", Throne Focus Inc. is passionate about partnering with The Bread of Life Mission Outreach to bring hope to the hopeless people around the world. We want to practically encourage the hopeless people that there is hope in Christ Jesus. To this end, The Bread of Life Mission outreaches provides support to individuals, churches, communities, missionaries, children of missionaries, and organizations heralding the Gospel of Christ globally in the areas of Feeding, Education/Training, and Financial Support. Through The Living Hope outreaches, these initiatives Bread of Life Mission Outreach (BOLMO)Throne Talents Discovery (TTD), Dedication Award, and Financial Award have been birth.

Bread of Life Mission Outreach (BOLMO)

The Bread of Life Mission Outreach initiative (starting mid-2017) seeks to end hunger amongst the inhabitants of Isanlu land, Kogi State, Nigeria. Primarily, our mission is to practically and closely bring hope through Jesus Christ to the people of Isanlu land, its neighboring communities, and other African communities . Bread of Life Mission Outreach initiative embarks on a mission trip to Nigeria on a bi-annually basis to provide food, clothing, and household items  to the less privileged, widows, orphans, and homeless people. Ahead of the maiden outreach in Bagido, Isanlu, Kogi State, Nigeria, Bread of Life Mission Outreach is seeking the support of volunteers to assist in registering participants, wrapping food items and gifts, handing out mission materials, supervising the distribution of donated items, and cleaning up the outreach center. Click here for more detail.

Throne Talents Discovery (TTD)

We understand how hard it can be for potential authors, writers to find publishers that would be committed to seeing their hard-earn creativity reach global audience. At Throne Focus Inc. we’re passionate about discovering hidden talents that seeks to employ their godly ideas to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ globally. We’re here to assist you achieve your long-time dream of sharing your divine ideas and making your gifts count. Learn more. All applicants are encouraged to submit their articles, godly ideas, ongoing writings, and book projects for review by our experts. If your project is selected for publication, we would offer you the opportunity of publishing your work in our (1) Next Issue of Throne Magazine Int’l, (2) Blog, and (3) Free Publishing with Throne Publishing (conditions applies).

Our areas of focus includes any of the following critical issues:

  • Spiritual Growth:  Salvation Experiences, Building Effective Prayer Life, The Practicality of Heaven and Hell, Why and When is Rapture, Becoming like Christ, The Ministry of the Holy Spirit, Understanding and Growing in The Holy Ghost.
  • Leadership:  Building Leadership Skills, Managing Crises, Jesus Leadership Models, Moses & Aaron Leadership Models, Mentoring Members for Leadership; Democracy, Theocracy, or Authoritarian Leadership.
  • Christian Family:  Christian Home/Marriage, Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World, Dealing with Persecutions at Home, Work, School, and Community.
  • Social/Academic Life:  Dealing with Unemployment, Balancing Your Spiritual and Academic Life, Overcoming Poverty and Financial Illiteracy, Overcoming Youth Restiveness, amongst others.

Dedication Award

This program aims at recognizing the undivided loyalty, commitments, and sacrifices of Christian men, women, and organizations championing the message of Salvation at their respective ministries. Nominations are focused on three broad categories, namely: Missionaries – Field, Media, Word; Students; and Professionals – Academic, Sport, Business, Media, Health, Social, and Peasant Traders/Farmers.

Financial Award

This program aims at providing financial support to individuals, churches, missionaries, children of missionaries, and brethren laboring for the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ globally.