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This section is aimed at educating, empowering, and equipping our clients, staff, and visitors with the right tools to growing spiritually, physically, financially, academically, socially, career-wise, and family-wise. It is great platform to share your thoughts, feelings, engage in conversations that would build up your spiritual walk with Christ, connect with diverse people, and more important, an opportunity to ask questions and get answers. Invite your friends to this forum. 

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May 19, 2017
David Opeyemi

Don’t Fight It Alone! You Can Overcome Fear

It’s great having you back to my blog again. I heard about the story of a young boy who was always afraid of sleeping at night in his bedroom because he was under the impression that a cat was laying under his bed. His parents tried different approaches to help him overcome the hallucination without …Read More

March 24, 2016
David Opeyemi

The Dynamite of Decision Making

Life is full of many challenging situations that requires decision making. It could be a decision about little things like discerning the best clothe to wear or big things like finding the right life partner, college, career, or house to buy. They can be good or bad decisions. Sometimes we make some decisions under duress …Read More