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Throne Publishing Tips

These Tips are designed to equip aspiring and published authors with some fundamental tools for a successful writing ministry. Before you consider publishing your dream book, magazine, or article, please consider these tips carefully.


What's Your Message?

Writing is about sharing a message. Without a clear, compelling message to share, there is absolutely nothing to write. Every writer, aspiring and published, out there must have a compelling message inform of stories, tales, insights, or experiences to share with the reader. So, it is important to start by asking yourself this question, "what's my message"? It may be known or unknown message, what’s important is that you have a message that you want people to hear.


Why’s your message important?

You need to define, articulate, and understand the "Why" behind your proposed book, magazine, novel, or article. Are you writing because everyone is writing around you? Are you writing because you want to make money out of it? Or are you writing because you have a compelling message and a strong desire to effect positive change in people’s life? Most importantly, are you writing to promote yourself – ego, wealth, accomplishments – or to glorify God? Don’t write for the wrong reason, write for the right reason. Until you know why, you cannot last in your calling. This is because the “Why” is like the fuel that  ignite your fire. Ordinarily, fire will not go out until the fuel ceased. So find out the why before launching out.


Who’s your message intended for?

Writing is like shooting an arrow. There is always a target point. You need to know who your message is designed for? Writing to appeal to a general audience is some worth still directly or indirectly targeting some set of readers. However, it's best to figure out who your message is meant for and what you hope to accomplish in your readers through your message. So, ask yourself, do I thrive in writing, reaching out to children, toddler, young adult, youths, working class, low income earners, unemployed, teachers, church, leaders, students, schools, spiritual growth, marriage, parents, seniors, media, or to the government, amongst others? You don't just want your creativity to roam around the book shelves without finding people to read it. You need to shape your writing to be specific, peculiar.


What's Your Writing Style?

It's not enough to have a compelling message, to know why, and who the message is intended for. You also need to define and carefully carve out a unique way to articulate your message for the readers to make sense out of it. When it comes to writing, style is very vital in gaining readers' attention. Style defines who you really are, what makes you different from other authors, story tellers, and why people would want to buy your book. For instance, you may enjoy laying out your message inform of storytelling, classic or contemporary, or breaking them into segments or layering your ideas into nuggets, principles etc. Look inward, you can tell from the way you write. Just be yourself.


Pursue Excellence?

Ecclesiastes 9:10 says: “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest” (KJV). You have got to write with passion, might, and with a sense of purpose. Pursuing excellence in writing means articulating your ideas in the finest way. This will not happen all by yourself. You need other creative writers. You need to read, research, talk, and share your ideas with others and give room for critique and constructive feedback. To become successful and impactful in your writing ministry, you must be a book devotee. Being a reader opens you to fresh insights, messages, and styles. I don’t think you can be a good writer without being a good reader.


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